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Bone Mother

Exhibition, 2012

Bone Mother is the name of an exhibition based on the Russian Folk story 'Vasilisa the Beautiful', or better known as Baba Yaga. The exhibition included myself and two other artists. We illustrated the story in three different ways so the audience would have three different perspectives. The first illustration, called 'Knight', was featured as image of the week at Digital Artist.

'Based on the Russian folk tale of Vasilisa the Beautiful, the artwork evokes the sinister edge of the story and raises questions about its narrative. Is the figure Vasilisa herself, the down-trodden heroine who journeys to a witch’s house in search of fire? Or is the artwork playing with the original story – which traditionally has three knights in it, including one dressed all in black – imagining Vasilisa as a mystical female knight, invoking the darkness of the evening? We love how the pose of the character gives the piece a really modern feel, with her ink-like hair balancing the composition, and the delicate birds add an interesting sense of scale, enhancing the fantasy elements and creating narrative.'
- Digital Artist

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